Participating in large-scale industrial investments soon made us recognize the importance of the relationship between property protection and occupational safety. The recognition brought MTB the opportunity to expand its services during the simultaneous expansion of two tyre factories. Both at the Japanese Bridgestone (general contractor: Takenaka GmbH HU branch) and the Korean Hankook (general contractor: Daelim Ltd.) arose the idea of having a stricter control over the entry of workers and vehicles. Following the Hankook III. and Bridgestone II. pace, we have installed access control and camera surveillance systems at numerous companies (e.g. Samsung, Lakógép, etc.). Thanks to our trained engineers and experienced suppliers, we have become a strategy supplier of Samsung Engineering Ltd, so here we can present our complex service package in an exemplary manner.

Our goal is also to provide high-quality and unique opportunities and solutions in the field of property protection, which we provide to our customers either in a service package or per module.

Our security portfolio and security solutions without the need for completeness:

Property Protection Risk Assessment, Concept Development and Consulting

The customer sets the goals and we outline how to achieve them. In addition to the risk assessment documentation, in which we identify potential risk factors; we provide a multi-level solution proposal, both technical devices (security systems: intrusion detectors, CCTV, access control systems, etc.) – which we can help to design and install; and at the process level – ie what local regulations are needed to maintain the appropriate level of security.

Live Object Guarding, Reception and Reception service

If necessary, our company also provides human resources for reception management, reception and security services.

Access Control Systems and Solutions

If our partner needs access control, we can offer a number of options to suit specific needs.

  • – Installation and rental of personal access control systems – temporary or fixed
    • Turnstile (the most common solution for monitoring personal transit)
    • Card printing (full service – we can even design local card templates on demand)
    • Metal detection gates, security gates and baggage checkers (should our partner need outbound protection, we have a number of solutions for that)
    • Security solutions
      • Card entry combined with a body thermometer (in the current pandemic situation, the appropriate body temperature for entry may be an additional criterion)
      • Random generator card access (either when driving through a turnstile or operated by pressing a single button – a useful solution for package screening, alcohol probe control or any other selection where impartiality is important)
      • Card access combined with ESD checker (a useful addition if the antistatic status of the workers is a prerequisite)
      • Entry combined with an alcohol probe (ensures non-alcoholic work)
      • Biometric access (use of a higher security access methodology with possible personal identification, such as fingerprint reading or retinal scanning)
      • Key management (we can help with an electronically registered and stored key system)
  • – Installation and rental of vehicle access control systems – temporary or fixed
    • Barriers (essential element of controlled vehicle entry)
    • License plate recognition systems (combined with a barrier, a high-level vehicle entry method is achieved that is elegant, comfortable and efficient at the same time)
    • Load balance (truck to be measured on site for cargo, waste, etc.)


Installation and rental of closed-circuit camera systems – our offer ranges from the simplest single-camera home surveillance systems to high-quality, complex industrial systems.

– Fixed installation systems (used with local cabling where we install)
– Movable systems (mobile solution, especially recommended for construction sites)
– Self-powered, remotely accessible systems (method designed for camera surveillance of areas where power supply and / or network access is unresolved – such as hard-to-reach sites under construction or areas remote from populated areas)

Installation and Rental of Alarm, Intrusion Detection and Security Systems

– Intrusion detection systems (we can offer a number of different alarm systems, some of which, in addition to signaling intrusion, also signal, for example, gas leaks and temperature changes)
– RFID tag raw material monitoring (recommended for high value trading activities where the traceability of different items is particularly important for security and logistical reasons)
– Building management systems (remotely controlled, automated lighting, air conditioning, heating, etc.)

Custom Security Administration Software

MTB Gate is our company’s own software, which aims to implement a kind of digital watchdog. It can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, so it requires no installation and is easy to use. It has become an effective administrative assistant for live surveillance with features such as personal entry and exit documentation, vehicle registration, event logging with photo attachment – and even more to help guards’ work. The software has an automatic email sending feature, so the user can set, among other things, what events they want to be notified about.




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