„Those who think gaining knowledge is expensive, do they consider the costs of nescience?”
(Tonk Emil)

The success story of MTB Group started in 2007 with a one-person engineering office, where the dominantly occupational safety tasks of the construction investments were performed – initially with the employment and assignment of only a few specialists. The engineering office was made popular by its customers with its youthful vigor, its commitment to the profession, its unique solutions to problems and the sometimes unusual suggestions. As a result, MTB Group provided occupational safety services on foreign and domestic power plant investments already in the early years. Thanks to its value-creating, partner-oriented, professional operation, success has not lagged behind. The specialists of the organization, which has now grown into a group of companies, work for the satisfaction of domestic and international customers, with a radically expanded range of services. The commitment to continuous improvement has raised their international competitiveness, making them stable suppliers to the largest companies, both at home and abroad.

MTB Group provides its services in the following form:

– MTB-TECH Ltd: work, fire and environmental protection, as well as quality assurance for companies, construction work safety and access control systems
– MTB Sales Ltd: personal protective equipment, workwear distribution, business acquisition
– MTB Industrial Ltd: Scaffolding, Insuliating & construction works

The establishment and the progress of the company group can be attributed to a determined young Hungarian man in his twenties, who did his best for the development of the company group, even in the face of Central and Eastern European business clichés. As a result, today MTB Group employs more than 120 people, mostly engineers and scaffolders, and its consolidated revenue in 2022 exceeded EUR 4.7 million net.

Our Company. Your Team.

The MTB team


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