November 30, 2020

LOTTE ALUMINIUM is the largest comprehensive packaging company in the Republic of Korea, founded in 1966. LOTTE ALUMINIUM manufactures, among other things, aluminum foil, printed packaging, corrugated boxes and PET bottles, striving to be Asia’s leader in new materials by guaranteeing the best quality and productivity in the world and increasing global competitiveness, improving their brand value and technical innovation. In addition, they want to create future values ​​and customer satisfaction through the use of green technology.

MTB performance:


  • Carrying out occupational safety procedures in accordance with the legislation in force,
  • monitoring compliance with occupational safety and health regulations,
  • monitoring EHS non-compliances recorded during internal audits, managing corrective actions,
  • assessment of working conditions from the occupational safety point of view,
  • inspection of machines from the occupational safety point of view and improvement of the safe work of operators (Preparation of proposals and management of developments),
  • supporting the development of occupational safety and health regulations and supervising the implementation of the developed procedures,
  • updating company procedures, regulations, reviewing risk assessments on the basis of an annual schedule,
  • accident investigation, registration, development of preventive measures,
  • registration of the validity of aptitude tests and trainings,
  • occupational safety situation analysis and report,
  • cooperation with external health and safety inspection bodies,
  • managing and coordinating the subcontractors’ colleagues responsible for occupational safety and health,
  • strengthening the corporate safety culture,
  • representation of the client (Samsung Engineering) to the authorities,
  • maintaining occupational safety training for new employees and preparing occupational safety training materials.


In the 2017 expansion project of LOTTE, we received an order from Lakógép Ltd for the installation and operation of a photo-card access system for the construction period.