Modular and façade scaffolds

Scaffolding has grown into one of our company’s main activities over the years, partly thanks to our large amount of our own scaffolding and engineering precision. When our customers want to rent a stand from us, we create a unique plan tailored to their needs, for which we use modern technology. In making this, safety considerations are key, so we place great emphasis on satisfying them to the maximum.

MTB not only rents scaffolding (Layher and PERI) – we accompany our clients throughout the project, using software-based project management for fast and effective collaboration. Following the design, we undertake the delivery of the stand nationwide as well as its professional assembly. From the beginning of the work process, we can provide continuous supervision for safe work.

Nothing is impossible for us – we can build our scaffolding around and above any building or area, thus creating a work platform even at the top of a church tower. We undertake complex work, but we do not reject simpler ones.

Facade scaffolding

We provide the scaffolding with professional, safe and comfortable construction and cost-effective solutions, for which our specialists can provide creative and practical advice if required.

In order to follow the criteria we set ourselves up, we chose the German Layher, which guarantees quality. The façade framed scaffolding system, known as the “Blitz”, has a number of accessories that offer a wide range of applications. Thanks to this, we can ensure the best possible quality in a short time, be it a simpler project or a complex and complicated task.

Industrial space scaffolding

When more complex scaffolding is required for the construction or maintenance of industrial objects, domes, roof structures, shell structures and similar projects, we use the “Allround” scaffolding system, also manufactured by Layher, which is suitable for this type of work due to its high quality bonding technology. Numerous horizontal connectors, circular discs on the vertical columns, flat holes rotated 45 degrees on them, and other accessories allow the scaffolding to be built quickly and safely.

Supporting heavy scaffolding

As their name implies, these scaffolds are suitable for supporting slabs and building structures, which are constructed on the basis of their support point with support points calculated on the basis of x-y-z coordinates. They can withstand loads of up to tens, hundreds of tons, with the right design.

Bridging scaffolding

It may be necessary to build the scaffold at a height where it would not be safe to start it from the ground. In this case, we use a bridging scaffold, if there is a possibility of suspension – this happens, for example, when technological installation of bridges, halls, pipe bridges. Layher suspension chains and “U” lattice girders with a load capacity of 1.00 and 3.00 tons are used for this type of structure.

You can contact us with any idea, thanks to our quick reaction, we can start working together flexibly.

Fence and tubular barriers renting

MTB provides the opportunity to rent mobile fences and cordons with the shortest possible time from the order. All types are made of quality, durable materials and are assembled with technology that guarantees resilience. If you have any other ideas for using a particular fence or cordon, we are also happy to provide you with our tools or advice on what would be the right solution.

Mobile fences

The mobile fence consists of 3.5 m long and 2 m high rigid steel frame elements. Pre-galvanized panels with 360-degree welded pipes and wire strands secured with separate welding make the fence robust, resulting in a long service life.

Mobile fences are excellent for fencing construction and industrial areas, events, outdoor storage, designating temporary routes for traffic routes, temporarily closing campgrounds, protecting the area of occasional outlets, or fencing road repairs.

When ordered, we undertake the delivery, assembly, disassembly and removal of the mobile fence on site, all over the country.

Tubular barrier fences

The elements of the tubular barrier fences are 2.5 m long and 1.1 m high. Its biggest advantage is that although it has a rugged structure due to its welded and galvanized elements, it is still easy to carry and quick to assemble.

It can be used in both outdoor and indoor locations, such as designating accident-hazardous locations, road blocks, fencing road construction, but is also excellent for events, like sports events, keeping large crowds away, or securing a location.

Our company undertakes delivery and assembly anywhere in the country.

Plastic mobile fences

Plastic mobile fences consist of 2 m long and 1 m high elements, which are characterized by extremely easy and fast assembly with easy transport. These items are maintenance-free, so you don’t have to deal with them much after installation. Available in red or yellow, both types are equipped with reflectors.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors, be it events such as exhibitions, festivals, sports events where sectors have to be fenced, but it is equally suitable for crowd management and construction.


PROKIT is a safety system for temporary edge protection consisting of 1,1 m high elements which are quick and easy to assemble without heavy weights. This time- and cost-effective system is an anti-fall protection for open slab edges and other leading edges. The flexibility of PROKIT is feasible for different situations without any planning effort in advance. Despite this, it is perfect for complicated structural geometries as well.

PROKIT EP 110 offers reliable securing of open building edges on building shells in accordance with DIN EN 13374 Class A and on formwork in accordance with DIN EN 12811.

The system has variable mounting possibilities to the building shell and PERI form-work systems. In addition, a wide range of accessories are available, such as for mounting on the slab, its front side or parapets. The cost-efficiency is given in its reusability and highest rate of utilization while being extremely versatile.

When our clients rent the PROKIT EP 110 from us, we undertake delivery, professional installation, and review and control while in use, since MTB’s main goal is to provide safety on constructions – this is what we know best.


Constructions hold many expected and unexpected factors that can slow the process of the construction. Therefore, it’s important to have all the tools and equipment to reduce these factors as much as possible. We provide rent of several equipment (i.e. pressure pump, vacuum cleaner, etc.), but we are not limited to those – we’re always open for buying a new tool or item and provide it for rent based on our clients’ needs.

Site cleaning

In recent years, several large industrial investments have required us to continuously support the project with a well-functioning, system-minded, organized team.

We have created our site cleaning team tailored to the needs of customers, such as Samsung, specifically to perform a variety of cleaning and landscaping tasks on construction sites. Providing the necessary machinery (industrial cleaning machines, lifting machines, watering carts, etc.), we also offer a complete service, which includes the disposal of waste after the work of specialist companies, the installation of fences, material handling and cleaning before the final handover. We are at service of our customers with more than 100 people, experienced managers and machine operators.

On-spot solutions

Various on-spot solutions are provided to our customers that improve the efficiency of a construction. For example by keeping on site a storage and providing a predefined choice of tools, safety equipment and workwear, the client has automatically an positive influence on the delivery costs, vehicle traffic, deadline, and the insurance of still having a safe site.

The latest branch of MTB is also covering a very important aspect of the well-being on site, to keep performances and mood of the workers at their optimum : we are offering canteen (buffet) service with fixed and renewable dishes and high quality coffee.

Of course, considering the customer’s ideas, we are always open to develop a concept and work according to individual needs.





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