November 27, 2020

The high-rise building in Pécs (also known as the 25-storey building) was once the tallest block house in Hungary, with 84 meters. The completed building was handed over in 1976, but by 1989, it was life-threatening due to a construction technology error, therefore its residents were evacuated. The 25 storey block house was then the tallest uninhabited building in Central Europe.The demolition of the building began in the spring of 2016.

Our tasks during the investment:
We implemented and operated the creeper system designed by PERI. The field production of the 36 planks and the pre-assembly of the receiving structure in the building took place at the same time. The planks were installed with a tower crane and moved from level to level with hydraulic equipment. A total of 115 tons of climbing formwork elements were assembled with an 880m2 formwork shield.
The downward operation of the climbing formwork was used for the first time in the world in this project.