October 11, 2020

The plant, which was built in Tiszapüspöki as part of a greenfield investment in the amount of EUR 145 million by 2017, processes 500,000 tons of corn per year, and its production capacity is one of the largest in Europe. In addition to 230,000 tonnes of isosugar, the company’s product portfolio ranges from the highest quality alcohol to edible oil feedstock, but also offers a wide range of feed materials produced for the livestock sector.

Our performance during the investment:
Greenfield plant construction is one of the most complex processes. We built tens of thousands of m3 of industrial space scaffolding from our modular scaffolding system with the continuous presence of our partners supplying and assembling the various units (boiler house, distillery, pipe bridge sections, etc.) and the investor for several months.
Volume of industrial scaffolding:
• DEDERT operating part: 16,000 m3
• boiler house: 1,200 m3
• external thermal insulation works: 6,000 m3
• pipe installation of pipe bridges in the length of 900 meters: 43,000 m3
• operational scaffolding works: approx. 80,000 m3