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General Provisions

By using and entering the website of MTB Group every person consents to the general rules of GDPR Policy as well as understanding and complying with the rules written below. To consent to any site specific GDPR s/he will check a checkbox beforehand whose regulations are detailed in this GDPR Policy.


The website of MTB Group is protected by copyrights. The owners or representatives of MTB Group have full copyright of every text, picture, sound, software’s developed by MTB Group and other material found on the website. They can use, multiply and modify them. With certain restrictions, they can also give permission to a third party to do so.

You as user only have right to read and copy the website of MTB Group either by printing, downloading or forwarding it to other parties solely for non-commercial purposes. It is forbidden to sell or forward any part of our website for profit. It is forbidden to change or integrate any part of the website into any other work, publication, website either in an electronic or traditional way.

Website Content

Every data on the website has been put there in good faith and only for information. Other than that, these data cannot be built upon and MTB Group does not guarantee their preciseness. Neither MTB Group nor its employees or agents can be held liable for any damages (financial or not, including any kind of loss of profit, indirect loss, collateral damages or consequential damages) resulting from entering or using the website of MTB Group. MTB Group reserves the right to change the content of the website as well as making modifications or repairs without prior warning.


The website of MTB Group can contain hyperlinks to other websites. These are owned and handled by third parties. MTB Group only provides access to these other websites. Neither MTB Group, nor its employees or agents can be held liable for any content or data published on those websites even when they were read and approved by MTB Group or its employees or agents.

Data Protection and Data Information

  1. ) General Provisions

We hereby inform you that MTB Group as Data Manager and the operator of domain publishes its report about data protection and data information in connection with its website and services of the website.

MTB Group protects every personal data of its visitors and does everything in its power to handle your data with the best security possible, provide their integrity, prevent them becoming compromised and to assure they will not leak to any unauthorised third parties. Your data will only be accessible for those designated managers employed by MTB Group and only to an extent that is inevitable to do their jobs. MTB Group takes responsibility for protecting your data collected on the Internet to ensure maximum safety for the personal data voluntarily submitted by you.

MTB Group cannot be held responsible for any data processing of any other websites that can be found on its own website as hyperlinks.

  1. ) Data Management

Name: MTB-TECH Munka- Tűz- Környezetvédelmi és Biztonságtechnikai Mérnökiroda Ltd.

Seat: 1188 Budapest, Dózsa György street 37.

E-mail address:

Tax number: 14102617-2-43

Company registration number: 01-09-889000


Name: MTB Industrial Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Ltd.

Seat: 1188 Budapest, Dózsa György street 37.

E-mail address:

Tax number: 22985558-2-43

Company registration number: 01-09-947719


Name: MTB Sales Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Ltd.

Seat: 1188 Budapest, Dózsa György street 37.

E-mail address:

Tax number: 25938160-2-43

Company registration number: 01-09-297396


Name: MTB Investment Ltd.

Seat: 1188 Budapest, Dózsa György street 37.

E-mail address:

Tax number: 24238144-2-43

Company registration number: 01-09-997165


Name: MTB Hosting & Catering Ltd.

Seat: 2081 Pilliscsaba, Mátyás Király street 45.

E-mail address:

Tax number: 27974663-2-13

Company registration number: 13-09-206383



Name MTB – Dunamenti Ltd.

Seat: 2131 Göd, Nemeskéri – Kiss Miklós street 96.

E-mail address:

Tax number: 27272260-2-13

Company registration number: 13-09-203030


Data Management Officer: Andrea Cseh

E-mail Address:,


Data Management Officer: Judit Botos

E-mail Address:


  1. ) Data Collection

No personal data is needed to view the information of the website.

MTB Group only processes voluntarily given personal data of the visitors. MTB Group uses the voluntarily given personal data (such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address) to provide and further develop its services and for aims and goals detailed in this Disclaimer.

MTB Group uses your personal data in your voluntary, unequivocal and explicit individual contributon in compliance with the relevant legal provisions applicable. Should you withdraw the authorisation of using your personal data, MTB Group will delete them before deadline set in the relevant legal provisions and rules.

  1. ) Modifying, updating and deleting personal data

You can ask MTB Group for information about your personal data without time limit. You can update them if necessary as well as ask for modifications – without any reason or restrictions and free of charge. You can also ask for destruction of your data if the cause of data storing ceases to exist or by withdrawal of consent via e-mail or by post to the following address:

Address: MTB Group, 1188 Budapest, 37 Dozsa Gyorgy street E-mail Address:

  1. ) Job advertisement

The aim of data management is to help the user get closer to fulfill its need to get the best position on the job market.

To use this service, applicants have to give voluntary information about specficic personal data such as:

  • name,
  • e-mail address,
  • phone numer,
  • qualifications and other information needed for the application.

These personal data are automatically collected and forwarded by MTB Group website to the data manager employed by MTB Group. The firm has two main data managers who use a dedicated e-mail address where applications arrive. They do not forward or pass it to any other third parties, corresponding with the legal regulations in force.

All personal data will be deleted from the recruitment storage and website either when the goal is achieved or no later than 30 days of reception.

MTB Group may store the personal data of the applicants for no more than a year if specifically asked by applicant in writing in hope of future job opportunities.

* Dedicated e-mail address for applicants:


  1. ) Newsletter

The website of MTB Group handles these registrations automatically. It only uses the data given for newsletter distribution, does not hand it over to any third party and stores them only until unsubscription. The aim of data management is to send offers about services, special offers, promotions of Data Management to user e-mail. MTB Group handles the following voluntarily given data when subsrcibing to its newsletter:

  • name,
  • e-mail address.

Only authorised person (employed by MTB Group, responsible for hosting the website) can access these personal data who can only handle them within its required tasks and destroy them when written request is received.

  1. ) Cookies

By accepting the use of cookies, MTB Group temporarily uses the following personal data and automatically generated information for hosting the website:

  • IP address of PC
  • browsing patterns on the website
  • domain-name (URL)
  • access information
  • agent file retrieval (file name and URL)
  • HTTP response code
  • website data of retrieval source
  • number of traded bytes during visiting
  • date and time of visit
  • data of visited sites – browser name.

MTB Group solely uses the collected data for statistical purposes for website development to provide the most needed information for visitors. Personal data is kept until achieving the goal or finishing the statistics and for no longer than a year.

Google Analytics

The website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses cookies that analyze your web browsing. Cookies usually send and store the analytics to the U.S. server of Google. Google only shortens your IP address in the European Union or in other countries of European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases does Google Analytics send and then shorten your IP address in the U.S. Google uses these data to analyze your website browse and make reports about actions you did on the website and to offer further services for the website operator to maximize its potential. Your IP address will not be linked with other Google data. You can block cookies by adjusting your browser with the following link:

Instead of plug-ins or on mobile devices you can click on this link to install a disabling cookie that disables data collection for Google Analytics. While this is installed, cookies cannot collect any data about your browsing habits. Should the cookie be uninstalled, click again on install.

You can find more information about terms of use and privacy policy of Google Analytics on the following links:

For statistical purposes we also analyze Double Click cookies. You can disable this cookie by Ads

Manager or by clicking on the following link:

  1. ) Complaints

MTB Group does not collect personal data on its website where complaints occur. It does provide the contact to complaints where the complaint can be sent to the data manager of MTB Group. Of course there are some personal details that must be given voluntarily to the company to be able to identify the complaint.

By post: 1188 Budapest, 37 Dozsa Gyorgy street Via e-mail:

For complaints of unfair business activities you can write to

  1. ) Contact data:

The aim of data management is to get in contact and to manage contact. The mail interface on the contact menu of MTB Group website accesses the following personal data:

  • name (person or company),
  • e-mail address,
  • phone number,
  • message itself.

MTB Group website forwards the received contact form to e-mail address where the appointed data managers manage it.

Data managers, depending on the object of the message, act according to the Documented Information Regulations of MTB Group or its GDPR Policy and send an answer to sender. After finishing the process, they archive or delete the documents complying with Documented Information Regulations of MTB Group or its GDPR Policy. These data are only accessible for the appointed data processors and their superior.

  1. ) Other data management

MTB Group manages the pictures and videos on its website according to its data regulations and policies. Every picture and video taken in private events is only displayed on the website with the voluntary permission of the participants.

Data manager displays any photos and/or videos made for advertisement purposes with the voluntary permission of the participants.

MTB Group displays photos in company letters or printed media with the voluntary permission of the participants.

  1. ) Data use, data transfer

When the collected data is used for purposes different from the goals of its collection MTB Group informs the owner of data and gets the permission for such use. Also, the company gives the chance to withdraw the permission any time.

MTB Group will not give any personal data collected by itself to any third party other than the cases complying with the laws and regulations in force.

  1. ) Legal basis of data management

Data management is based on the voluntary, thorough and comprehensive information given to User according to which User declares its explicit permission to manage the personal data given during using the website on

The legal basis of data management is Paragraph (1) a) of Section 5 of CXII of 2011 on information self-determination (Privacy Act) and freedom of information based on voluntary permission of User and GDPR – EU General Data Protection Regulation of EU regulation 2016/679.

Permission is given voluntarily by using the website and accepting the given data management windows – with the help of checkboxes.

Users can only give their own personal data on the website. Should it be otherwise, User is responsible for receiving permission of use.

Data manager warrants that to use and display any personal data gained from third parties during service (eg articles, User generated content etc) it will acquire permission according to the regulations in force.

  1. ) Legal definitions

personal data: any data that can identify a person – especially name, identification number, any specification of physical, physiological, mental, economical, cultural or social identification and any kind of conclusion of such data;

data subject: any natural or legal person of whom the data is managed;

data manager: any natural or legal person or organisation without legal personality who sets the goals of data management, makes decisions and performs data management (including the equipment used) or has it performed by an agent;

data management: any procedure carried out on the data, especially collection, recording, systematization, storing, modification, use, query, transmission, publication, synchronization, blocking, deletion, elimination, preventing the data from further use, making picture, recording sound and video, recording physical attributes that can identify a person (such as fingerprint or handprints, DNA, iris);

data transfer: giving access of data to appointed third party; data destruction: destroying data in a final, unrecoverable way;

data processing: technical procedures in connection with data management independent of equipment, method, place of procedure given that the procedure is carried out on the data;

data processor: any natural or legal person or organisation without legal personality who processes the data based on a written contract with data manager – including contracts of legal regulations; third party: any natural or legal person or organisation without legal personality who is not identical to the owner of data, data manager or data processor.

  1. ) Legal notice: cessation of data management, data modification, data deletion

Data subjects have dispositional authority over their personal data therefore can object to processing and transferring data as set in the relevant laws. Data subjects can object in writing. In the event of objection, the controller shall investigate the cause of objection within the shortest possible time inside a fifteen day time period, adopt a decision as to merits and shall notify the data subject in writing of its decision. Data manager must give details about the measures taken. If data subject disagrees or controller fails to meet the deadline, data subject shall have the right under Section 22 to turn to court within thirty days of the date of delivery of the decision or from the last day of the time limit. Individuals can ask for deletion of their personal data.

Rights of data subject: according to Section 14 of Privacy Act data subject may request from the data controller or its data processor under set conditions:

  1. information on his personal data being processed,
  2. the rectification of his personal data, and
  3. the erasure or blocking of his personal data, save where processing is rendered mandatory.

If data manager or his data processor rejects the request of data subject about correction, deletion or restriction of processing his personal data he informs data subject in writing without delay.

  1. about the reason of rejection and its legal and factual reasons and
  2. the rights of data subject and the ways to claim his rights and that subject data can exercise the right to get his personal data corrected, deleted or its process restricted with the help of Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. (following Section 21 of Privacy Act)

Remedies for data subject:

Data controllers shall be liable for any damage caused to a data subject as a result of unlawful processing or by any breach of data security requirements. The data controller shall also be liable for any damage caused by data processor acting on its behalf. The data controller may be exempted from liability if he proves that the damage was caused by reason beyond his control. (Privacy Act Section 23 Para (1))

Data subject gives its declaration of acknowledgement with the understanding of the relevant

legislation and regulations of the information given beforehand.

Data subject gave its permission to manage his personal data by knowing that MTB Group shall not delete the data of the data subject if processing has been prescribed by law. Data subject can withdraw his permission any time and can protest against the processing and management of his personal data.